Community Choice Energy

for the City of Los Banos

Clean Energy       Customer Choice       Affordable Rates

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CCE - What is it?

Community Choice Energy (CCE), also known as Community Choice Aggregation, or "CCA", is a utility partnership that allows local governments to pool the electricity demands of their communities in order to save money, purchase power with higher renewable content, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reinvest in local energy projects.

How does it work?

If the City of Los Banos moves forward with CCE at its upcoming Council Meeting on October 21, it will do so in partnership with Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), an operational CCE based in San Mateo

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County. PCE will purchase electricity on Los Banos’ behalf—from sources that are cleaner, greener and more local, including solar from the Wright Solar project adjacent to Los Banos.

Participation doesn’t interrupt electricity service in any way. PG&E will continue to deliver the electricity from the grid to your home or business, maintain the power lines, read your meter and send you a single, consolidated bill each month as it currently does.


The only change is an opportunity to choose between different energy supply options and electric service providers at rates that are less expensive than what PG&E currently offers.


If the City of Los Banos partners with PCE, you will be automatically enrolled in the CCE program beginning in 2022. However, you can choose to opt-out and return to PG&E “bundled service” at any time.

Solar Energy

Customer Choice

CCEs introduce competition into the marketplace. They 
provide ratepayers with a choice of electric service providers and options regarding the level of clean power they wish to support.

Affordable Rates

PCE currently offers some of the best rate discounts in the State. Customers will save 5% off their current electric generation rates while also receiving cleaner energy than what is currently offered by PG&E.

Community Sustainability

Joining PCE will allow Los Banos to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and meet its climate action goals.

Local Programs & Economic Development

Los Banos residents and businesses will have access to a variety of local energy programs including electric vehicle rebates and energy efficiency upgrades through the partnership with PCE. Additional local jobs can also be created through investment in clean local power projects similar to Wright Solar.

CCE Benefits

How did we get here?

In October 2018, Peninsula Clean Energy broke ground on the Billy Wright Solar Project, a 200MW solar farm
located in Los Banos that in 2019 began serving the annual energy needs of ~100,000 households. In September 2019, the Los Banos City Council held its first study session on CCE and the possibility of joining PCE so that it too could benefit from the power generated by the Wright project. In June, 2020 the City Council commissioned a technical study conducted by MRW & Associates that evaluated  the feasibility of and options for pursuing CCE in Los Banos. The study was received and considered by City leadership at its meeting on September 16 and direction was given to move forward with next steps for potential membership with PCE. The matter will return to Council for vote on October 21, 2020.


Wright Solar Project
Developed and operated by Clenera
Photo by Swinerton Renewable Energy

What's happening now in Los Banos?

As discussed above, The City of Los Banos is considering joining Peninsula Clean Energy to give its residents and businesses an energy choice at more affordable rates than currently offered by PG&E. The City will consider CCE and a potential partnership with PCE at its Council meetings on October 7 and 21, 2020  in order to  join PCE by the end of 2020 so that Los Banos electric customers can begin receiving service in 2022. The public is encouraged to provide comment and/or attend the virtual Council meetings.  For more information please visit

Has CCE been done before?

Yes! There are currently 21 CCEs operating in California, including 12 in Northern California. These programs currently  serve millions of customers throughout the State and are saving millions of dollars annually in customer electric rates. To learn more,  please visit

About Peninsula Clean Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy is the official electricity provider for San Mateo County, and potentially starting in 2022, the City of Los Banos. Founded in 2016 with a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its service territory, the agency currently serves 295,000 customers by providing more than 3,500 gigawatt hours annually of electricity that is 95% carbon-free and at lower cost than PG&E. As a community-based, not-for-profit agency, PCE makes significant investments in our communities to expand access to sustainable and affordable energy solutions. PCE is on track to deliver electricity that is 100% carbon-free by 2021 and 100% renewable on a 24/7 basis by 2025. The agency has earned investment grade credit ratings from Moody’s and Fitch which allows it to expand cost savings and program benefits to all of its customers.

Learn more at peninsulacleanenergy.comTwitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.